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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy in Bloomington Indiana. Deep, Barefoot Massage at its best. Massage Therapy. Holly Lynn Donaldson.


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is a deep barefoot massage where the therapist is using two suspended bars for support and balance.  Ashiatsu, meaning "foot pressure", can be a very deep and very relaxing massage for people who are looking or needing deeper work. The gravitational force mixed with multi-directional pulling can create the "deepest most luxurious massage on the planet"

What to Expect

During a session, the client will be properly draped on the massage table. Oil or creme will be applied. The therapist will sanitize their feet and begin work on the client's back using their feet. The therapist may work from a seated or standing position depending on the strokes used. Different parts of the therapist's feet will be used during the session and pressure will be monitored throughout. Client may be positioned face up, face down, or on their side depending on their needs. Please inform the therapist of any medications, injuries, conditions, or illnesses.


60 minutes- $80

90 minutes - $120

Hours and Appointments

Currently unavailable.

Call 610-750-1622 to schedule an appointment.