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Bamboo Fusion

Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage in Bloomington Indiana. A wonderfully relaxing massage therapy technique for those extra stubborn tension areas. Especially great for stiff necks and headaches. Relax with Holly Lynn Donaldson today.


Warm up and melt away the tension with heated bamboo massage. Bamboo sticks of different sizes are warmed and used to roll out achy muscles that need just a little more. Similar to the idea of hot stones, this is a modality that combines heat, depth, and relaxation.

What to Expect

The client will undress to their comfort level and lie comfortably on the massage table within flannel sheets. The therapist will use several different sized pieces of heated bamboo with oil throughout the massage. Bamboo massage focuses on the full body and can be used on the back, glutes, stomach, legs, feet, arms, and neck. Please be sure to inform the therapist if the temperature is uncomfortable at any time or there is a heat sensitivity. It is also important to inform the therapist if you have any injuries, illnesses, or are taking any medications/drugs.


60 minutes = $80

90 minutes = $120

Hours and Appointments:

Call Holly Lynn at 610.750.1622 for appointment information