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Infant Massage Indianapolis Indiana

Learn infant massage in Indianapolis Indiana. Special Instruction from a trained massage therapist. Work one on one or as a small group. Infant massage is a great way to relieve stress for you and your baby, create a special bond, and learn to soothe your special little one. Infant massage education, instruction. Holly Lynn Donaldson, Massage Therapist.


Holly Lynn is a Certified Educator in Infant Massage (CEIM) and is trained to instruct parents on how to approach massage with infants. Massage works best with babies 12 months and under who are not yet walking; though it is certainly possible to keep an active baby's attention during massage. Infant massage is a wonderful bonding experience that expresses understanding, respect, and comfort while relieving any stress or discomfort. It is also a great way to learn about the needs of the baby and of the parent(s). 

"My hope is that everyone who takes this course with me takes what they learn and make it their own. Grow with it. Adapt with it. Use it for years to come." -HL


Please call Holly Lynn to schedule this series at 610.750.1622. Or via email.

This series is 4 to 5 sessions and is currently taught in the client's home. This can be taught to an individual, family, or group of friends with infants of their own. Please contact me for more information.


$50*, per family, for the entire series (includes all 4/5 classes).

*Depending on distance of travel there may be an additional $5-$10 added on.