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Massage Explanations

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy - Aggressive deep tissue massage applied by the therapist's feet while utilizing gravity. Therapist is supported by two suspended bars. Oil or cream is used.

Ashi Thai - A modified version of traditional Thai massage utilizing ashiatsu and Thai massage techniques. Therapist is supported by two suspended bars while applying compression and passive stretches. This is a clothed massage. No oil or cream is used.

Bamboo Fusion - Bamboo sticks are gently warmed and applied to the body. The heat relaxes the body as the sticks roll out and knead through the layers.

Cupping Massage - Different sized cups are used along the body to lift and separate tissues, drain fluids, and promote physiological function. The suction created can be used to break up scar tissue, release solid bloat, and tone the soft tissues and skin.

Deep Tissue Massage - A good choice for chronic pain, this massage uses different techniques to work through the layers of soft tissue. Firmer pressure may be used to reach deeper structures of the body, but it is not meant to be painful.

Energy work/Reiki - Encouraging of the body's natural healing processes by channeling energy in and out of the body through the practitioner. Often used to reduce stress, promote a state of relaxation, and as a gentle form of healing.

Gua Sha - A muscle scraping technique using a special gua gha tool. Helps break down adhesions and scar tissue that have built up  due to injury, surgery, or repetitive use.

Hot Stone Massage - Relaxing or therapeutic massage technique using heat and pressure from the stone to melt away the built up muscular tension, relax the nervous system, and increase the movement of fluids through the body. The heat allows the outer tissue layers to relax faster, allowing the therapist to work a little bit deeper.

Infant Massage - An instructional series, for parents with young infants (less than 12 months), teaching the parents how to introduce massage, bond, and provide relief. Usually 4-5 sessions.

Prenatal Massage - Massage for women during their pregnancy, with modified positioning, keeping in mind the bodily changes during this exciting time. Extra attention is given to area of discomfort, while relieving mental and physical fatigue.

Reflexology - Feet, hand and sometimes ear reflexive points are utilized based on the East Asian reflexology mapping. Often used for relaxation, relief, stimulating reflex organs and emotional wellness.

Swedish Massage - A classic  Western relaxation massage focusing on the whole body. Broad flowing strokes encourage movement of fluids. Kneading and compression strokes encourage soft tissues and nerves to unwind. Uses five basic stroke techniques.

Sports Massage - Intended for athletes or people suffering from joint dysfunction, this massage prepares for athletic or everyday performance. This massage focuses on joint mobility, can be faster paced, and may require help from the recipient.

Therapeutic Massage - Integrated bodywork focusing around a specific condition or problem area. Can be either intensive or gentle as needed.